Sandton Lexi


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10 x 300g Meals Included:

Crunchy veg medley on creamy béchamel sauce NF,SF

Ingredients: carrots, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, paprika, garlic, cumin, spices & pink salt, coconut oil, béchamel sauce(flour,butter,oat milk) X 2


Spicy Mince lasagna  NF

Ingredients: soy mince, carrots, onion,garlic,spices & herbs,pink salt,coconut oil, white sauce(soy milk, butter, flour). Durum wheat lasagna sheets   X 2


Creamy sundried tomato penne pasta  

Ingredients: sundried tomato,onion,garlic,flour,soymilk,basil,paprika,Italian seasoning,salt

Penne(water,oil,salt)   X 1


Red Thai chickpea-mushroom stew served with Quinoa  SF,NF,GF

Ingredients: chickpeas, mushroom, bell peppers, red curry paste, garlic, red chilli flakes, coconut milk, mixed herbs, coconut oil, spices&pink salt. Quinoa(broth & salt) X 1


Creamy lentil-mushroom shepard pie GF,SF,NF

Ingredients: orange veg mash (butternut,carrot,butter & salt), brown lentils, mushroom,coconut milk, red curry paste, turmeric, paprika, spices & salt     X 2


Chickpea balls in basil tomato sauce served with fluffy potato mash  GF,SF,NF

ingredients: chickpeas balls(onion, chickpea flour, red onion, celery, garlic, coriander, mixed dried herbs, red chilli flakes, spices & salt), homemade tomato basil sauce . potato mash(salt & butter)     X2

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10 x 300g Meals Included:


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