3 Day Cleanse Package

(2 customer reviews)


6 x 300ml Juices,6 x 300ml Smoothies, 6 x 50ml Wellnessshots



6 x 300ml Juice:

2 x 300ml Green Juice

2 x Beet Juice

2 x Carrot Juice

6 x 300ml Smoothie:

2 x IronUp

2 x Antioxidant

2 x Fatt burner

6 x 50ml Wellnessshots:

3 x Ginger shot

3 x Floo shot


2 reviews for 3 Day Cleanse Package

  1. Maggie

    Turnaround time was impressive, literally overnight.
    After sales support was also amazing, got coached through the challenge. I lost 3kg and have been sleeping so much better since the cleanse. I’d recommend this cleanse to anyone wanting to reset.

    Thank you Beetfresh®

    • beetfres

      Thank you Maggie. We’re glad to have been part of your weightloss journey.

  2. Pinto

    So day 1 you are all motivated at the prospect of the new you, second day it’s usually the most difficult, you are likely to be moody and grumpy. You asking yourself was this all worth it, I think it’s the withdrawal symptoms if there is something like that for food. Day 3 you like, am almost there I can do it, but you are low on energy, lightheaded a bit as well but you are looking forward to completing and getting yourself a usual big meal to fill up the tummy, it feels empty afterall.. Don’t do this if you are stressed or preoccupied you need to harness your energy and focus. First morning after the cleanse suddenly no desire to eat junk and chunk, you feel like a decent healthy meal, and surprise it’s filling. That desire for a big meal is gone.My testimony, boring but honest 🤷🏽‍♂️pss, am back to my morning jogs, might just go back to my marathons in 2024.

    • beetfres

      Thank you Pinto, glad to hear you enjoyed your #3daycleanse package. Cheers to healthier lifestyle choices,

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