DAILY Takeaway Menu

food selection key= GF:Gluten free- SF:Soy free- NF:Nut free

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Add to cartRoast Butternut- Chickpea Bowl —hummus sauce
brown rice, spinach, carrot julienne, sauerkraut


Add to cartAll day 2una mayo sandwich   Chickpea ’ Mayo sandwich on toasted seed bread: chickpeas, seaweed, spinach, tomato, mayo, blackpepper, celery-saltR75.00

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Add to cartQuinoa rainbow bowl GF quinoa, falafel, braised tofu, leafy greens, tomato, carrot julienne, toasted cashew, grilled corn kernels with creamy tahini dressingR125.00

Edit Table – Monday

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Add to cartGrilled tofu – cheese sandwichServed with rainbow salad: leafy greens, tomato, carrot julienne, sliced black olives with lemon vinaigretteR75.00

Add to cartBeetfresh chickpea-spinach burger  served with red cabbage slawR115.00

Add to cartRed thai tofu curry GF, NFserved with brown rice, salsa on the side
– Option: Basmati rice

Add to cartTovish and chipsServed with apple slaw: tovish, red apple, red cabbage, carrot, mayoR95.00

Add to cartGrilled tofu- rainbow wrapLeafy greens, carrot julienne, salsa, red cabbage, hummus, chilli mayoR100.00

Add to cartMixed mushroom-fried rice bowlOyster & white button mushroom, carrot ribbons, broccoli, leafy greens, red cabbage, toasted pumpkin seeds with creamy peanut sauceR95.00

Edit Table – tuesday

Add to cartGranola –pink smoothie bowlTopped with fresh fruit & coconut flakes: mixed berries, beet powder, oatmilk
Fresh fruit: banana/strawberries/blueberries

Add to cartSpicy korean pulled mushroom sandwichOyster mushroom, Asian slaw, kimchi , Panini/Rye bread/Seed breadR75.00

Add to cartBeetfresh blackbean-cheese burger mealserved with potato chips and red cabbage slawR105.00

Add to cartBuckwheat rainbow bowl GFbeet falafel, cucumber, leafy greens, salsa,sliced black olives, grilled corn,carrot ribbons, fresh herbs, beetfresh cheese sauce dressing.R120.00

Add to cartSushi poke bowlsushi rice, edamame/wasabi peanuts, dried seaweed, cucumber, pineapple, red onion, red cabbage, carrot julienne, teriyaki tofu, toasted coconut chips with soy-sesame sauceR120.00

Add to cartCreamy mushroom-pesto pasta NFWhite button mushroom, coconut cream, cheese, soy milk, pumpkin seed-kale pesto, linguineR80.00

Edit Table – Wednesday

Add to cartChickpea omeletteFilled with balsamic mushrooms, leafy greens, cheese, guacamole, tomato with garlic olive oil drizzleR70.00

Add to cartChia-choc puddingTopped with fresh fruit & coconut flakes: chia seeds, coconut milk, mixed berries, cacao, cacao flakes, coconut flakesR55.00

Add to cartSuperpower-choc oatsRolled oats, peanut butter, dates, cacao, desiccated coconut, oatmilk, soy milk topped with chia seeds, goji berries & strawberriesR65.00

Add to cartMexican quesadillatomato, black beans, cheese, mushroom, red onion, corn kernels with rainbow salad: leafy greens, tomato, carrot julienne, sliced black olives, citrus vinaigretteR95.00

Add to cartMexican burrito bowl GFBrown rice, black beans, balsamic roasted mushrooms, red pepper, red onion, carrot ribbons, corn kernels, leafy greens with creamy hummusR105.00

Add to cartSpicy mexican blackbean wrap with potato wedgesBlackbeans, leafy greens, mixed peppers, guacamole, tomato salsaR95.00

Add to cartComfort me bowlOyster mushroom shickn, apple slaw, grilled corn kernels, carrot sticks, leafy greens with chill sauce dipR100.00

Edit Table – Thursday

Add to cartTofu scramble breakfastServed with sauteed mushroom, tomato on toasted rye breadR65.00

Add to cartStrawberry oatmeal bowlRolled oats, strawberries, banana, natural peanut butter, dates topped with chia-berry jam & coconut flakesR75.00

Add to cartSupersmoothie bowlMixed berry smoothie topped with granola, coconut flakes, hemp hearts, chia seeds, bananaR85.00

Add to cartMixed greens-tortilla chips bowlMixed greens, roasted chickpeas, mince, carrot julienne, zucchini noodles, beet tortilla chips, cucumber, salsa, toasted sunflower seeds with cashew cream cheese dressingR105.00

Add to cartProtein bowl GFQuinoa, beet falafel, braised tofu, toasted cashews, leafy greens, tomato, carrot julienne, grilled corn kernels with creamy tahini sauceR120.00

Add to cartOyster mushroom shickn burgerServed with red cabbage slaw & potato chips leafy greens, tomato, gherkins, hummusR95.00

Add to cartGatzby marathonOyster mushroom shickn strips, mixed peppers, tomato, apple slaw, fries, mayo, hot sauceR85.00

Add to cartGatzby twistSpicy Korean pulled mushrooms, Asian slaw, potato fries, chilli mayoR85.00

Edit Table – Friday

Add to cartBreakfast burritoScrambled tofu, leafy greens, mushrooms, tomato, red onion with mayoR75.00

Add to cartPeanut butter bliss bowlNatural peanut butter, banana, oatmilk, cacao topped with coconut flakes, goji berries, omega seed mixR75.00

Add to cartFalafel pitaFalafel, red onion, gherkins, pickled cabbage & carrot, aubergine, tahini served with potato wedgesR105.00

Add to cartTofu-kale bowl SFTeriyaki tofu, green peas, red bell pepper, kale, roasted butternut cubes, beetroot, couscous with greek vinaigretteR85.00

Add to cartTofu-kale bowl GF, SFTeriyaki tofu, green peas, red bell , kale, roasted butternut cubes, beetroot, couscous with greek vinaigrette
– Gluten free Option: Mixed Quinoa

Add to cartKale-butternut salad bowlCranberry, pumpkin seeds, glazed walnuts, red onion, roasted butternut, caramelized red apple, chickpeas, kaleR85.00

Add to cartKale-butternut salad bowlAdd ons:- QuinoaR15.00

Add to cartKale-butternut salad bowlAdd ons:- CouscousR10.00

Add to cartTofu fried cajun riceGreen peas, zucchini, carrots, garlic, spring onion, sweet peanut soy sauceR80.00

Add to cartSunshine bowlQuinoa, roasted veg mix(zucchini/pumpkin/carrot/mixed peppers/sweet potato/brussel sprouts/red onion), leafy greens, grilled corn kernels, toasted pumpkin seeds, cranberry, creamy tahini dressingR110.00

Add to cartCheesy-nacho stackSpicy black beans, mince, leafy greens, grilled corn kernels, tomato, creamy guacamole, cheese sauceR120.00

Edit Table – Sunday

Add to cartPinecolada                                           Pineapple, banana, coconut milk


Add to cartBanana bliss                                           Natural peanut butter, banana, cacao, coconut milk


Add to cartBanana bomb                                         vanilla protein powder, natural peanut butter, banana, cacao, peanut milk


Add to cartMixed berry lemonade                           Mixed berries, lemon juice, coconut milk


Add to cartSuperfood mean green                    Spinach/kale, celery, apple, wheatgrass/spirulina, soy milk


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Green goddess smoothie                         Kale, apple, moringa, wheatgrass, chia seeds, mango, apple juice


Add to cartBerry blaze                                               Mixed berries


Edit Table – Smoothies

Add to cart50ml Floo shot                                              Lemon juice, Apple juice, Ginger, Cayenne pepper


Add to cart50ml Green shot                                            Apple, cucumber, lemon, moringa


Add to cart50ml Ginger Shot                                            Lemon juice, apple juice, ginger, turmeric


Edit Table – Shots

Add to cartGreen juice                                             Apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, kale


Add to cartZingy Pineapple juice                                    Pineapple, lemon, ginger


Add to cartBright Carrot juice                                      Carrot, apple, celery, ginger


Edit Table – Juices

Add to cartSparkling bottled water 500ml


Add to cartAssorted liqui fruit juices


Add to cartStill bottled water 500ml


Edit Table – Drinks & Water