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beetfresh® is an inclusive movement, catering for vegans and non-vegans. We are home to plantbased food made health, delish and fun for the whole family.

Our mission is to encourage healthy plantbased eating across communities.  We offer sit-down and takeaway ready to eat meals, desserts, artisanal products.

Our production kitchen prepares convenient, healthy pre-packed meals delivered frozen across Gauteng. Our pre-packed meals cater for the gluten-intolerant, diabetics, weight watchers and fitness bunnies.

Looking for a personal touch? Our Home Chef Service is  definitely for you. Our Chefs will prepare fresh meals twice a week in your home or in our kitchen for delivery. 

Going for a picnic? Call in and request a picnic basket curated by our avid picnic enthusiast.

Hosting? Our chefs are ready to help you create happy memories over great food. No event is too small.

We offer cooking lessons for kids and adults alike, and host themed dinning events at our sit-down location.

Through our online shop, we offer pantry essentials for those who wish to create meals in the comfort of their own space. Our Pantry essentials are GMO free, except where otherwise indicated.

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Kids Cooking Club

Studies have shown that kids who are exposed to a variety of food from a young age have better relationship with food in their teenage years.

Diabetes and Obesity among children have become rampant in our age. This is a source of alarm and calls for children empowerment re. practical food education and healthful preparation. More and more parents are spending more time away from home due to demanding work commitments, leaving children to feed on take-outs and fast foods.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Chef, Ms P has put together child friendly, fun and educational cooking lessons to interest children in healthy foods and preparation thereof. Ms P is passionate about making healthful cooking and eating fun for the little ones.

Lessons can be booked as birthday party celebrations, playdate, extramural activity or simply a fun learning experience.

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Plant-based Food

Helpers Cooking Club

Helpers help create meals for our families and young children, what better way to ensure that our families and young children are fed well than empowering our helpers through domestic cooking lessons? Lessons are especially curated to ensure a variety of nutritious meals are served daily at the dinner table.

Couple’s Cook Offs

Couples who cook together, stay healthy, enjoy food and have fun together.

We host couple’s themed cooking evenings for an unwinding evening. Details on the calendar

Pantry Essentials

We know the hustle of finding quality pantry essentials in many different places and therefore have brought it all together in one space. Products are GMO free except where indicated otherwise.

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